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Although badly wounded, flyboyplus.com/Aviation Etc. founder Allan Bass saw his brother fly boys off on the Enola Gay on their way to Hiroshima to drop the Atomic Bomb.
Although courageous battles were fought in every theater, Fly Boys won the war in the South Pacific for good.
flyboyplus.com/Aviation Etc. props have been used in major Hollywood productions like "Flyboys".
"Little Boy" was the sum of the hopes of the Manhattan Project.

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LITTLE BOY WITH BIG BOY POWER. Hiroshima was wiped off the map by the bomb.
flyboyplus.com/Aviation Etc. founder Allan Bass was stationed on the Tinian Islands in the South Pacific.
Although it looks like a paradise, flyboyplus.com/Aviation Etc. founder Allan Bass fought a fierce battle against the Japanese along these shores and was wounded for life.
BEFORE AND AFTER Hiroshima City was leveled completely.
flyboyplus.com/Aviation Etc. props have been used in major Hollywood productions like "Unbroken."
flyboyplus.com/Aviation Etc. props have been used in major Hollywood productions like "NIght At The Museum".
America was victorious after the bombs that originated from Tinian island were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
The Manhattan project would bring flyboyplus.com/Aviation Etc. founder Allan Bass on a course with World History.
A closely guarded secret brought flyboyplus.com/Aviation Etc. founder Allan Bass to the South Pacific Seas.

flyboyplus.com unique and interesting personal Military Memorabilia Real Historical Timeline

A top secret project was being planned in the final days of World War Two.

Hollywood Films that have featured items from flyboyplus.com/Aviation Etc.

The Manhattan Project was hoping to end the war with an Atomic Bomb over Japan.

Young Fly Boy Allan Bass, founder of flyboyplus.com/Aviation Etc. fought the battle for the Tinian Islands against the Japanese, where he was wounded for life. 

ALTHOUGH THE WAR WAS WON ON MANY THEATERS, Fly Boys in the South Pacific brought a final end to the conflict, and FREEDOM TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

NOT LONG after Allan's injury, The famous Enola Gay took off from the north field of the Tinian Islands with the payload of "Little Boy", and it completely destroyed the City of Hiroshima.  Shortly thereafter another Tinian based bomber destroyed the City of Nagasaki.  Japan Surrendered.

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Just some of the types of items we carry.....

Military Memorabilia with a real historical flair!

"You can reach out and touch the history at flyboyplus.com." -Peter J. Smith, noted Ocean County, New Jersey historian