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WWII Aircraft Signal Bell Airborne Jump Warning  Very Rare!
Bail-out / Airborne Paratrooper warning bell used to signal them when to jump. New and Unused! with original box
and wiring included.   $295.00

(Wing Mounted and Hand held)
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P-51 Fighter US Aircraft W.W.II instrument panel.

Beautifully restored after salvage from Army Air Corp wrecked plane.

This was from an Army Air Corp P-51 aircraft. Rare and beautiful restoration. NAA part No. 109-517002 indicates it was from a P-51 D-30-NT. The serial number was sanded and painted over, but was determined to be between 45-11343 and 45-12742 which made it a P-51 D. Panel configuration also confirms itís validity. 

Would have to be redone and certified to be airworthy. Rare piece of military surplus.  We have the documentation notes on the panel, and will include them.


P-51 Instrument Panel


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