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Engines, Parts, and Accessories

Parts for 1940-1960 Light Aircraft Engines Continental, Lycoming, Franklin, etc.

Cylinders, Valves, Springs, Lifters, Rods, Pins,  Pistons and Pins, Cam Shafts, Crankshafts, Bearings, Gaskets,  Valve Covers, Oil Pumps, Fuel Pumps,  Main Cases, Rear Cases, Oil Sumps, Spark Plugs

Accessories and Parts for above Engines 

Magnetos, Points,  Carburetors, Starters, Generators, and Parts etc.

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Dual Magneto Ignition Switches

Vintage aircraft parts of various types.  Please inquire about prices. 

b_5_switch.jpg (51002 bytes)  b25_ignition_switch.jpg (135900 bytes)

Vintage Army Air Corp Aircraft Throttle Quadrant

I believe for single engine WWII Military Aircraft.  Has propeller control, gasoline feed control, mixture control and friction lock.  Appears to be good used condition.



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