Oxygen Masks and Parts

Military, WWII to Current, parts are also available

Please inquire about prices.

WWII Type A-7 Oxygen Masks

Army Air Corp Surplus in Mint condition.

WWII A-10 Series Oxygen Masks 

Unissued Mint in Box  Army Air Corp Surplus.  Complete as issued, less microphone, and Mint in the Original Box.
New $275.00 and up. 

WWII Type  A-8 Oxygen Masks

Army Air Corp Surplus in Used to Mint conditions, dates unknown.
$395.00 - $795.00 

A-13 A Oxygen Masks

Complete with microphone.  Mint condition, extremely rare and beautiful.  $595.00  (not an MS22001 variation)

WWII A-9 Oxygen Masks

 Unissued Army Air Corp Surplus New,  Mask is complete, but does not have a microphone, and also does not have the tiny wire nose clamp. Includes hoses, clamps, and all straps and hardware for attaching.   
New   $275.00 and up based on accessories

WWII A-14 Oxygen Masks 

Unissued  Army Air Corp Surplus.  Complete as issued less microphone.
Mint in the Original Box.   $275.00
Used, Excellent Condition $175.00

Oxygen Mask Microphones with wires and plug
for the WWII masks  

MS-22001 Oxygen Masks 

Unissued Surplus. Complete as issued less microphone and Excellent condition. Used between the 1950's and 1980's. There are many variations of this O2 mask model,  however we do have all the models at appropriate prices.
New   $275.00 and up based on accessories and models

A-13/A Version of the MS-22001

too busy for pics

New MBU/5P Oxygen Masks             

Complete $495.00    Used  $295.00

New MBU/12P Oxygen Masks            

Complete $595.00   Used  $325.00

WWII / Korea Oxygen Mask Heaters

Very Rare!  Mint condition  $295.00


Hardman Butterfly Bayonetes to Connect Oxygen Masks to Helmets

Used with some APH-5's, and others,  Civilian and Military.  Lefts and Rights are the same, and fit either side.

$150.00 a Pair 

Angle Bayonets for Military and Civilian Helmets

L and R (Left and Right).  For attaching Oxygen masks to helmets.  For use with HU55-P's, SPH's, HGU-64, HGU-84 and many others.

$35 Each, please indicate Left or Right when ordering, as they are NOT interchangeable, and can only be used on the sides they are made for.

Bayonet Receivers to Attach Oxygen Mask Bayonets to Most Civilian and Military Jet and Helicopter Helmets

Left and Right Sides are Identical

New $35 Each     Used cost less.

CWU-60/P Surplus Unissued

Used to Connect Oxygen Mask Hose to Aircraft Oxygen Supply and to Bailout Bottle

Used in many Military Oxygen Systems  

Discount Price Special $60.00

     List $120.00

Scott Oxygen System Connector / Adapter

For connecting oxygen hoses. etc. to each other.  MFG by Scott. Please advise your needs. 

New Mint Surplus Condition   Unusual Low Price @ $49 ! 

(92114) PN 266-370

NSN 1600-00-225-7292

CONTR. NO. F41608-85-C-1391

We also have many parts for the above masks, 
Let us know what you are looking for.