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Flight Helmets

Korean War to Late
Jet and Helicopter Helmets

All helmets are priced based upon condition, variations, size, accessories, etc.  and does not include Oxygen Mask.

We also carry many helmet parts new and used.

Gentex Late Issue Light Weight Helicopter Helmet

Date of issue 7/91.  Has accessory mounting bracket on the front of the visor housing. Has boom mic, etc.  
Mint Condition!



APH Series Helmets APH-4, APH- 5 and APH-6

$295.00 to $595.00

H4 Jet Helmets Korean War

$200.00 - $695.00

h4front.jpg (34218 bytes)

HGU26P  Jet Helmets 

Mint!  $200.00 - $495.00

HGU39P Helicopter Helmets

Mint!  $295.00

hgu39p.jpg (87714 bytes)

HGU55P  Late Jet Helmets

$295.00 - $595.00

hu55p.jpg (38128 bytes)

P Series Helmets  P-1, P-2, P-3, and P-4

Rare and Very desirable collectable Early Jet Helmets
$275.00 - $795.00

PRK37/40 Jet Helmets 

$169.00 - $595.00

prk1.jpg (23903 bytes)

SH2 Navy Patrol Pilot Helmets

$295.00 - $795.00

too busy for pics

SPH2 Patrol Pilot Helmets


SPH3 Navy Helmets Dual Visor

Used by Navy and Marine Helicopter and Fighter Pilots
$75.00 - $395.00

too busy for pics

SPH4 Air Forces Helicopter Helmets

$200.00 - $595.00

sph41.jpg (26090 bytes)

SPH4 with Dual Visor

Mint Condition,  complete with radio and wiring. $595.00



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