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Nomex Gloves

Nomex gloves issued for many years and still current, issued today. Fire resistant, very comfortable, and issued to all Air Force Pilots and Naval Aviators. 
     Fine leather palms and cloth backs, various sizes available.

New Condition  $39.95

Used Condition 
$10.00 - $20.00 Based on Condition

Leather Flying Gloves with Silk Linings Black Soft Leather All Purpose Driving and  Utility Gloves
with brown wool glove inserts for cold weather
Brown Leather Palm and Fingers with Wool backs. Yellow Leather Flight Gloves


B-9 Sheepskin Lined, various types
Army Air Corp and Navy Air Corp, various sizes and condition, limited quantity.
$99.00 -  $300.00
RAF Gauntlets
Various models and types, limited quantity and very rare.


Cold Weather Gauntlet Mittens

Air Force, late unissued.

$79.00 a pair


Please inquire for pricing and availability.

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